[xmca] review article recommendation request

From: jmgdo@berkeley.edu
Date: Mon Oct 16 2006 - 10:08:42 PDT

Hello XMCA,

Might someone recommend a good review article of social processes in
cognitive science? I'm thinking not so much about the fact that we
interact with one another to get tasks accomplished/problems solved or
that we use culturally/socially constructed tools to mediate our thinking
such as what is typically found in distributed cognition or situated
cognition, but about more social/interpersonal aspects such social
positioning, identity, status, power, roles, etc on cognitive processes
such as problem solving or accomplishing goals. Specifically, a review
article on what research has been done in terms of how our social place in
the world affects our reasoning/problem solving/higher-order cognitive
processes. If not a review article, then any pointers on whose work is in
this general area is just as helpful. I've been reading related work
(mainly how these social positional factors affect engagement, but not
cognition per se), but want to make sure I'm not missing some group of
scholars that I don't yet know about.

Jenny Langer-Osuna
doctoral candidate, UC Berkeley

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