[xmca] Political agenda for education in Texas

From: Tony Whitson (twhitson@UDel.Edu)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2006 - 05:02:15 PDT

A few months ago I posted a section of Florida's new education law because
I thought folks here would be interested in its declaration that history
is not constructed -- history is just straight fact.

Most of the reaction on this list, however, was directed at the law's
provisions concerning education on matters such as reproductive health and

Based on the interest of folks then, I'm posting this link


on the education section of the Republican Platform in Texas. What's there
is not just a Texas agenda, but the agenda of Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle
Forum, which we can expect to see being advanced across the United States.

Tony Whitson
UD School of Education


"those who fail to reread
  are obliged to read the same story everywhere"
                   -- Roland Barthes, S/Z (1970)
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