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Date: Sat Oct 07 2006 - 15:54:24 PDT

Be sure your adobe is open. At first I could open but it just said "done."

Sasha is out seeing the sights and I am recovering from three weeks of heavy
in the middle of heavy work load. A very nice guy, but his basic scientific
paper gets us only
barely to human development after an exceedingly long wind up. I have tried
to explore ways
of interacting with him in the future, we will see what comes of it.

How is Vonnie? how are you?

On 10/7/06, Andy Blunden <> wrote:
> I would be delighted to launch the discussion on this paper Mike, but so
> far I have not been able to open the website.
> I will try again later today.
> Andy
> At 12:47 PM 7/10/2006 -0700, you wrote:
> >The article members voted on for discussion has at last been posted at
> the
> >erlbaum website. The title is "Relational Interdependence Between Social
> >and Individual Agency in Work
> >and Working Life". It is by Stephen Billett from Griffith U in Australia.
> >It is available at
> >
> >
> >
> >Its premise is: A greater acknowledgment of relational interdependence
> >between individual and social agencies is warranted within conceptions of
> >learning throughout working life.
> >
> >This topic at this time seems more than a little relevant to XMCA
> >discussions. Too bad we cannot get all the article posted
> >for free, but this one requires a click of a button and adobe reader.
> >
> >Of those who contributed to the 867 visits to xmca in the past week,
> >including many from Australia, might someone have an
> >interest in commenting on this paper?
> >
> >mike
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