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2007-2008 Diversity Visiting Scholars Program. Dissertation-year
financial support provided by host campuses, for advanced graduate
students in All Fields (Humanities, Social Sciences, Business,
Mathematics, Physical Sciences, etc.)

The goal of the Northeast Consortium for Faculty Diversity is to
the diversity of the nation?s college and university faculties. The
Consortium?s three objectives are to maximize the educational
benefits of
diversity; to increase the number of professors who can and will use
diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students; and
to enhance opportunities for academic careers to persons
in the professoriate and persons who have demonstrated a commitment
to the
elimination of racial disparities in the academy.

Each Consortium campus will bring one or more dissertation-level
students to its campus for 12 months, in order that the students can
devote substantial attention to the completion of their dissertation and
become acquainted with their host campus and host department. Visiting
Scholars-in-Residence may be given opportunities to consider possible
faculty positions at their host campuses or elsewhere.

Terms: $24,000-$32,000 for each Visiting Scholar-in-Residence for Sept.
2007-Aug. 2008. The host campus will also provide for each of its
Scholars: computer and library privileges, office space, health
and a cordial faculty liaison from the appropriate department. The
Visiting Scholars will be expected to present their work-in-progress at
1-3 campus-wide or department-wide forums during the year and may be
to teach or co-teach a one-semester manageable course during the
year. [Note: Colgate Univ. requires its Scholars to teach one course in
the fall and another in the spring semester.] The host campuses select
their Scholars.

Applicants for these fellowships must have completed all doctoral work
except the dissertation before the end of the current academic year and
must give convincing evidence that they can complete the dissertation
while at the host campus. There will be opportunities during the
year for Visiting Scholars to build community with one another.
Consortium director, Dr. JoAnn Moody, will provide coaching to the
Scholars related to dissertation-completion, the academic job search,
preparation for succeeding in the professoriate.

How to Apply: Students may apply to more than one host campus named
There is no application form. Applicants (U.S. citizens or permanent
residents) from all regions of the country should send the following
materials, postmarked by February 1, 2007, to the appropriate person

Cover letter (3-6 pages) demonstrating in detail how the applicant?s
personal, academic, and/or employment experience and achievem
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