[xmca] Leont'ev responds (in abstentia) to the Socio-Cultural Theory Interest Group Seminar Series

From: bb (xmca-whoever@comcast.net)
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 11:20:27 PDT

It is very nice that Julian has brought alienation into the discussion. A frisky misquoting of Leont'ev (slightly) on the forms of consciousness and isolation, in our current discussion of scientific concepts and alienation, comes with the caveat that misquoting in this way places schooling as "real purposeful human activity ":

"As has already been said, consciousness is bound by its genesis to the isolation of actions that takes place in [schooling], the cognitive results of which are abstracted from real purposeful human activity and are idealized in the form of language meanings. Communized, they become the property of the consciousness of individuals. Here they do not in the least lose their abstractness; they carry in themselves methods, objective conditions, and results of actions regardless of the subjective motivation of the human activity in which they are formed."
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