[xmca] political radio ad in Maryland

From: Tony Whitson (twhitson@udel.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 24 2006 - 09:45:12 PDT

I apologize if this is too much inside-the-US politics for this list. I
think it is an interesting example of the use of discourse, however. And,
besides, although it might seem trivial in comparison with the current
"state of affairs" in other places, what happens in those places is
regrettably all-too-much affected by the results of politics like this in
the US. (What's at stake here is control of the US Congress. It is certain
that if the Democratic Party gains control of the lower house, impeachment
charges will be brought against the President; so more money is being spent
this year on the campaigning--far more money by Republicans--than in any
previous non-Presidential election year.)

Anyway, what I have posted at
is a link for a radio ad that is targeted to exploit what the sponsors
regard as the state of political ignorance of their target audience:
African-American voters in Maryland.

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