Re: [xmca] reading ability is genetic!? (read this one!)

From: Ana Marjanovic-Shane (
Date: Thu Sep 21 2006 - 11:16:31 PDT

Really impressive. It reminds me of the signing babies we had briefly
mentioned earlier this summer.
These unusual skills or practices (signing) open up all kinds of
questions about the relationship between thought, language and reading!
But maybe they are best understood within CHAT.
One thing that strikes me in this video is the nature of activity
practiced in it: looks like testing -- at least, it is going on through
an inventory of known cultural artifacts. It looks like using a skill of
reading out of context! But there are similar "natural" or traditional
activities. Some traditional games with children do similar things.
There are songs and little games for each finger; other little routines
name parts of the body or head and point to each one of them... For
little older small children or even adults, there are riddles, at least
when I was a child, these were very usual practices in Belgrade. (What
kettle has seven holes? -- Your head.)


bb wrote:
> Here's an interesting video of a 9 mth. baby who seems to show some impressive literacy skills.
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