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Date: Tue Sep 19 2006 - 09:30:29 PDT

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the suggestion. Can you post a link to our group’s
website? <>
Item 8 (current
activities) lists the dates of our meetings (yes, they will be in UK and times
are BST/GMT) and gives a link to a Word document with a list of the readings.

As for distributing the readings, we are sending around hard copies. I haven’t
gotten the readings online yet and expect to have difficulty with
copyrights on
most of them. Do you have a way around that?

The discussions are to take place in Manchester, but I think it would be great
if we could get a follow-up discussion to take place on this listserv.
Post-seminar discussion, I can send around to the xmca list a snapshot of the
discussion and some key issues and questions brought up. In general,
this would
be the day after each seminar session. I would plan to post it on a day when I
could check on the discussion throughout the evening (given the international
time differences).

Let me know if this is not appropriate use of this listserv (I’m new). If
there are no objections to this proposal, I’ll add a link from our group’s
website to the xmca website and invite more people to join the online
discussion forum (which would include a thread that follows the seminar

Best wishes,

Quoting Mike Cole <>:

> Hi Valerie-- Sounds interesting to lots of people. Is this something we
> sould link on the lchc web pages? Might the readings
> be of sufficient interest to simply distribute?
> How does the discussion work? I assume 16:00-17:30 is greenwich mean time?
> mike
> On 9/15/06, Valerie Farnsworth <> wrote:
>> Generator Microsoft Word 11 (filtered medium) Socio-cultural Theory
>> Interest Group (ScTIG)
>> School of Education, University of Manchester (UK)
>> ' Wednesday Seminars'
>> ScTIG ' Wednesday Seminars' are open to faculty, research staff, and
>> doctoral students interested in socio-cultural theory and Cultural
>> Historical Activity Theory (CHAT). Snacks will be provided by ScTIG members
>> and readings are distributed in advance.
>> WHERE: University of Manchester, Humanities Devas Street, Room AG.9,
>> (Block A, Ground Floor)
>> WHEN: 16.00 to 17.30
>> 27 September -- Theoretical Groundwork
>> 11 October -- Tools for Analysis: Identity and Activity Systems
>> 18 October -- Discourse Analysis and Identity
>> 15 November -- A Cultural Historical Perspective on Discourse
>> 29 November -- Recent Research from ScTIG members (Black, L., Davis, P.,
>> Harris, D., Williams, J.)
>> 6 December -- Discourse Analysis and Context
>> 13 December -- Theory in Use: Some Examples
>> The ScTIG group, which began as a discussion/reading group, draws together
>> researchers who use socio-cultural theory to inform their work in different
>> areas of education. We welcome people from across the university with a
>> range of interests to join our reading group.
>> For more details and a reading packet, contact
>> More information about ScTIG and its members is available from
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