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From: Valerie Farnsworth (Valerie.Farnsworth@manchester.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Sep 15 2006 - 06:33:50 PDT

Generator Microsoft Word 11 (filtered medium) Socio-cultural Theory Interest Group (ScTIG)
School of Education, University of Manchester (UK)
' Wednesday Seminars'

ScTIG ' Wednesday Seminars' are open to faculty, research staff, and doctoral students interested in socio-cultural theory and Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT). Snacks will be provided by ScTIG members and readings are distributed in advance.

WHERE: University of Manchester, Humanities Devas Street, Room AG.9, (Block A, Ground Floor)

WHEN: 16.00 to 17.30

27 September -- Theoretical Groundwork
11 October -- Tools for Analysis: Identity and Activity Systems
18 October -- Discourse Analysis and Identity
15 November -- A Cultural Historical Perspective on Discourse
29 November -- Recent Research from ScTIG members (Black, L., Davis, P., Harris, D., Williams, J.)
6 December -- Discourse Analysis and Context
13 December -- Theory in Use: Some Examples

The ScTIG group, which began as a discussion/reading group, draws together researchers who use socio-cultural theory to inform their work in different areas of education. We welcome people from across the university with a range of interests to join our reading group.

For more details and a reading packet, contact Valerie.Farnsworth@manchester.ac.uk

More information about ScTIG and its members is available from http://www.education.man.ac.uk/lta/sctig/
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