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From: Kiyoshi AMANO2 (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2006 - 05:34:56 PDT

     Dear Mike and Phil Chappell !
      I am very sorry to be too late to response to your mail. I have
been so busy with the work of proofreading
 Of the English draft of my monograph for this August.
     At last I found out the file which saved the discussion on the
concept of internalisation/appropriation
Performed in Xact in 1990-1991. It started by the mail of Mike dated
23 Dec. 1990.
   I send the file of the discussion as an attachment file named
XACT.txt. Please look at it. Even now the discussion
Keeps something fresh. Maybe it comes from that we were young.
  I will be happy if this file will help you and others.
      With my best regards,
     I made a new address especially for MCA.
     Of course you can send mail by old one
Dr Kiyoshi AMANO, Tokyo


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Hi Phil-- This comment was written by Kiyoshi Amano in Japan as a part
of a discussion on xact,
a subconference of xlchc, the predecessor of xmca. I believe that the
entire xact archive exists. It has
many interesting discussion on it. The trick is to find it! Clearly it
is in the archives. Presumably in the Paper file, subfile leontev....
wherever that is.

I will try to cc Amano-san to see if he can help.
On 8/18/06, Phil Chappell < > wrote:
Hi All,

I'd like to quote parts of the following but need a bit of context as
to its origin. Can anyone delve back into their memory?



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