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> >"Peter Smagorinsky has a good article on a student becoming a teacher, which
> >uses chat, ..."
> >
> >Would someone please send me the full reference on that article?

Here are the articles on teacher ed I've written or coauthored. Just drop
me a line if you'd like a copy; I've got pdf versions of each. I'll attach
the one the Bill cited to this message (Cook et al., in Elementary School
Journal). p

         Smagorinsky, P., Sanford, A. D., & Konopak. B. (in
press). Functional literacy in a constructivist key: A nontraditional
student teacher's apprenticeship in a rural elementary school. Teacher
Education Quarterly.
         Bickmore, S. T., Smagorinsky, P., & O'Donnell-Allen, C.
(2005). Tensions between traditions: The role of contexts in learning to
teach. English Education, 38, 23-52.
         Smagorinsky, P., Gibson, N., Moore, C., Bickmore, S., & Cook, L.
(2004). Praxis shock: Making the transition from a student-centered
university program to the corporate climate of schools. English Education,
36. 214-245.
         Smagorinsky, P., Cook, L. S., Jackson, A. Y., Moore, C., & Fry, P.
G. (2004). Tensions in learning to teach: Accommodation and the development
of a teaching identity. Journal of Teacher Education, 55, 8-24.
         Johnson, T. S., Smagorinsky, P., Thompson, L., & Fry, P. G.
(2003). Learning to teach the five-paragraph theme. Research in the
Teaching of English, 38, 136-176.
         Smagorinsky, P., Cook, L. S., & Johnson, T. S. (2003). The
twisting path of concept development in learning to teach. Teachers
College Record, 105, 1399-1436.
         Cook, L. S., Smagorinsky, P., Fry, P. G., Konopak, B., & Moore, C.
(2002). Problems in developing a constructivist approach to teaching: One
teacher's transition from teacher preparation to teaching. The Elementary
School Journal, 102, 389-413.
         Smagorinsky, P., Lakly, A., & Johnson, T. S.
(2002). Acquiescence, accommodation, and resistance in learning to teach
within a prescribed curriculum. English Education, 34, 187-213.
         Grossman, P. L., Smagorinsky, P., & Valencia, S. (1999).
Appropriating tools for teaching English: A theoretical framework for
research on learning to teach. American Journal of Education, 108(1), 1-29.
         Smagorinsky, P. (1999). Time to teach. English Education, 32, 50-73.

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