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Date: Mon Jul 24 2006 - 17:32:06 PDT

I assume this discussion is open to anyone who can click with the adequate

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Date: Jul 24, 2006 4:07 PM
Subject: Cyberinfrastructure Institute for Humanities, Arts, and Social
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 Dear colleagues,
Many of you are aware of the Cyberinfrastructure Institute for Humanities,
Arts, and Social Sciences organized by UCHRI and the San Diego Supercomputer
Center. If you are interested in watching a webcast of the talks and the
lively discussions, please follow the instructions below:

You can access all the information by clicking on
If you click on "link to the live webcasted events for the HASTAC Summer
Institute available during the webcast times listed below." which is
rtsp://ici.sdsc.edu/cihass.sdp, you can watch this webcast by using Quick
time, Real Player, VLC, MPlayer, or Windows Media Player with MPEG4
Streaming Codec.

The easiest way of watching this webcast is;
- Launch your "Quick Time Player"
- Select "File"
- Click on "Open URL"
- Please type rtsp://ici.sdsc.edu/cihass.sdp
- Click on "OK".
* You can download Quick Time player for free from

More information about the Institute can be found at the following website:

If you have problems watching the webcast, please contact Bahadir Gul at

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