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: 72933 <http://fundingopps.cos.com/cgi-bin/getRec?id=72933> Title: Grants
for Intercultural or International Projects Sponsor: Australian
Psychological Society (APS)
  Sponsor Type: Professional Society or Association Deadline:
October 27, 2006
  Amount: $5,000 Amount Note: The grant may be used to support any aspect
of a successful project, including maintenance, travel, living allowance,
training fees and charges, books and equipment, or other costs associated
with the project, provided that the funds are expended in accordance with
the budget that is submitted by the applicant at the time of application.
Eligibility: To be eligible for a grant, the grantee shall be
i. a full member of the society; or

ii. a psychologist from a country in which psychology is an emerging
discipline, who has been nominated by a full member of the society.
or Residency: Australia
  Activity Location: Unrestricted
  Requirements: Ph.D./M.D./Other Professional
  Abstract: This grant is intended to encourage and support innovative
projects that have an intercultural or international focus. Such projects
may aim either to further the intercultural agenda of the Australian
Psychological Society within the confines of Australia's national
boundaries, or to establish and maintain links between the society and its
members on the one hand and psychology and psychologists in countries where
psychology is an emerging discipline on the other. Projects may be related
to any scientific or professional aspects of the discipline, provided that
they are consistent with the society's mission statement.

Eligible projects may include, but are not restricted to, those that
i. address scientific or professional issues that have intercultural
significance for the Australian community, or involve intercultural
collaborations amongst Australian psychologists;
ii. provide further education and training opportunities for psychologist
from emergent psychologies; or
iii. foster collaborations between the society and psychologists overseas
that are seeking support to establish and build scientific and professional
psychology within their own country or region. Contact Name: Director of
Science Contact Address: Australian Psychological Society
P.O. Box 38
Flinder Lane Post Office Contact City: Melbourne Contact State:
Victoria Contact
Zip: 8009 Contact Country: Australia Contact Phone: +61 (0)
3-8662-3300 Contact
Fax: +61 (0) 3-9663-6177 Contact Email: science.awards@psychology.org.au URL
for more information: http://www.psychology.org.au/aps/awards/1.4_27.asp Date
Last Revised: July 5, 2006 URL from COS to Bookmark this record:
http://fundingopps.cos.com/cgi-bin/getRec?id=72933 Keywords: Cross Cultural
Social Psychology
  Funding Type: Collaboration or Cooperative Agreement
Visiting Personnel
Training, Scholarship, or Fellowship
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