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Oh, yes. I remember having read those and, indeed, the reply of the two
sounded like a defense of "orthodoxy" in protocol analysis. I very much
liked the link that you Peter made between the technique and CHAT. My
impression is that, in general, cognitivists are reluctant to go cultural;
quite the contrary, today they tend to prefer the neurophysiologic approach.
Indeed, in my view, cognitive psychology, as it was, that is, the cognitive
modeling of psychological processes, is an almost extinct discipline. Good
bye to task analysis, welcome FMRI!

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An interesting, if frustrating, illustration comes with an article I
published in MCA in 1998, Thinking and Speech and Protocol Analysis, which
theorized how protocol analysis can be repurposed from its cognitive roots
to a sociocultural perspective. Mike invited Ericcson and Simon, my main
points of departure, to write a response, which struck me as surprisingly
defensive and antagonistic, especially given how hard I tried to honor
their ideas while disagreeing with them. I'll attach my paper, but you'll
have to find an old copy of MCA to get the response. p
At 10:40 AM 7/11/2006 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I am working on a course syllabus, and thinking about the separate but
>related trajectories of situated cognition and socio-cultural theory. At
>some point in the early nineties, lots of former cognitivists started to
>sound a lot like socio-culturalists. So where do these two trajectories
>intersect and where do they remain forever apart?
>Someone may have written a really great review article or chapter that
>compares these two theoretical perspectives. If you know of such a text,
>could you let me know? I will so appreciate that.
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