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Date: Wed Jul 05 2006 - 00:56:24 PDT

Dear Friends,
  Here is some information on conferences:
  1. The Rise of Sociological Linguistics in the Soviet Union 1917-1938. September 9-11, 2006.Sheffield, England
  2. A. A. Leontiev Summer School at Moscow State University.
  “Language, person, activity”
(dedicated to A.A.Leontiev’s 70-year anniversary)
The Summer School will take place September 7-th to 10-th, 2006, in one of the rest homes near Moscow. We invite students, doctoral students and young scientists to participate in the School from Russia and all over the world, interested in the following topics: Trytoreadtext - Psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics
- Psychology of inter-personal communication
- Ethnology, ethnopsychology and cultural psychology
- Psychology of art and creativity
- Psychology in interdisciplinary context
- Psychological aspects of education and development
- Methodological problems of psychology

The accommodation and meals will be provided. For those who do not speak Russian we will provide English translation Organizational fee is 1500 roubles (approx. 45 Euro).
  Visas to Russia can be brought by the help of www.visatorussia.com (because of the complesity of Russian rules, we will not have time to manage it ourselves).
To participate in School one has to pass the short papers competition. Please send your papers on the topics of the School (2 pages max.) together with information about yourself (your interests, grade, institution, and age) in Microsoft Word (.doc or .rtf) format files to our e-mail: lpsh who-is-at yandex.ru.
Papers and applications deadline is July 30th, 2006.
  [if you need specific information on how to obtain a Russia visa in a simplified fashion, please contact: dot.robbins@gmail.com]
  If you are interested in this conference dedicated to A. A. Leontiev, and have opportunity to come - you are very welcome! Please contact us for all the questions: lpsh@yandex.ru
3. 11th International Creativity Conference: Creativity as a Process. November 10-11, 2006 in Riga, Latvia. www.lvasa.lv; www.rpiva.lv.
  4. 7th Intenational Vygotsky Memorial Conference. Cultural-Historical Theory: Prospects of Development. November 14-17, 2006. Vygotsky Institute of Psychology, Russian State University for the Humanities. Deadline for papers: August 15, 2006.
>Vygotsky1@ru.ru<. The International Vygotsky Society will be announced at the conference.
  5. FIPLA Nordic-Baltic Region Innovations in Language Teaching and Learning in a Multicultural Context. June 15-16, 2007. www.lvasa.lv.
  6. 2nd International Summer Seminar for Teachers, Practitioners, Theorists. 1st International Summer Seminar supported by the International Vygotsky Society (IVS). June 15-23, 2007, Moscow, Russia. The Process of Development and Diagnostics within the ZPD: Golden Key Schools.Vygotsky Institute of Psychology, Russian State University for the Humanities. For information please write to: [ISS 2007]: Vygotsky1@ru.ru
  With good wishes to all of you,

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