[xmca] Announcement of a New Journal

From: Peter Smagorinsky (smago@uga.edu)
Date: Mon Jul 03 2006 - 12:22:53 PDT

>Problem-Based Learning Crosses Disciplines
>A new educational journal, The Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based
>Learning (IJPBL), edited by Peggy A. Ertmer, Associate Professor of
>Educational Technology, and Alexius Smith Macklin, Associate Professor of
>Library Science (both at Purdue), was launched March 2006. This quarterly
>published, peer-reviewed journal seeks to challenge, stimulate, and
>provoke additional research in the area of problem-based learning (PBL).
>IJPBL offers a forum for problem-based learning research across
>disciplines. This scholarly journal publishes the most relevant
>information about problem-based learning pedagogy and is the first of its
>kind in this exciting field. Articles inside IJPBL offer readers
>instruction and insights into the best new teaching and learning practices
>in a variety of disciplines. IJPBL is filled with challenging and
>practical research that may be used by educators in numerous disciplines
>to implement problem-based learning in their own classrooms. IJPBL will
>also be of great help to all those who wish to use problem-based learning
>more effectively in their K-12 and post-secondary classrooms.
>IJPBL is published quarterly by Purdue University Press in both a
>paperback and online version. Additionally, the premier addition may be
>accessed free-of-charge on the University Press website. URL:
>For further information:
>Tom Bacher (bacher@purdue.edu),
>Director, Purdue University Press
>Phone: 765.494.8251
><mailto:bmccombs@du.edu>Barbara L. McCombs, Ph.D.
><http://www.du.edu/~dri/Personnel/McCombs.html>Senior Research Scientist
>and Director
><http://www.du.edu/~dri/HMLDC.html>Human Motivation, Learning, and
>Development Center
><http://www.du.edu/~dri>University of Denver Research Institute
>2050 E. Iliff Avenue, Boettcher East - Room 224
>Denver, CO 80208
>(303) 871-4245 Office
>(303) 871-2716 Fax
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