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From: Peter Smagorinsky (smago@uga.edu)
Date: Sat Jul 01 2006 - 05:00:34 PDT

>Please distribute widely
>Open Call for Proposals: Writing Research Across Borders
>February 22-24, 2008
>University of California Santa Barbara
>Conference website; http://education.ucsb.edu/netshare/wrconf08/
>Proposal Deadline: May 1, 2007
>Email: writing@education.ucsb.edu
>Recent decades have seen the growth of writing studies in many nations,
>focused on all levels of education, and all uses of writing in society,
>using the resources of many different disciplines. This increased
>research attention to writing reflects an increased recognition of the
>importance of writing in modern societies. Yet to a large extent the many
>emerging traditions of writing research have neither connected fully nor
>shared their work.
>This conference brings together the many writing researchers from around
>the world, drawing on all disciplines, and focused on all aspects of
>writing at all levels of development and in all segments of society. This
>will be an opportunity to learn from different research traditions, share
>our findings, seek common agendas, and lay the groundwork for future
>communication and alliances.
>As a first step to building this important conversation we have invited
>some of the leading writing researchers, and those listed at the bottom of
>this call have already committed to participating.
>We are now issuing an open call for proposals for panels, roundtables,
>individual presentations, and poster presentations addressing
>* current research on writing,
>* methodological issues
>* reflections on ongoing research programs
>* considerations of national or disciplinary trajectories of research
>* agendas for further research
>We anticipate a program of up to two hundred and fifty presentations.
>Proposals to present current research should specify research questions,
>methods, data corpus, and findings, as well as the scope and duration of
>the research project. Proposals to provide overviews of and reflections
>on research traditions and agendas should identify clearly the relevant
>literatures to be considered.
>Proposals for individual and poster presentations should be from 250 to
>500 words in length and panel and roundtable proposals, 500 to 1000
>words. Please indicate your preferred format.
>Proposals should be sent by May 1, 2007 via email to
>writing@education.ucsb.edu .Please include complete contact information.
>For further information please visit our conference website:
>If you have any questions contact us at writing@education.ucsb.edu
>INVITED SPEAKERS already committed to participating:
>Paula Carlino, Argentina, University of Buenos Aires
>Caroline Channock, Australia, Latrobe
>Rosemary Clerehan, Australia, Monash University
>Luuk van Waes, Belgium, University of Antwerp
>Angela Dionisio, Brazil, UFP, Recife
>Angela Kleiman, Brazil, Unicamp-Sao Paulo
>Marilyn Chapman, Canada, University of British Columbia
>Graham Smart, Canada, Carleton University
>Denis Alamargot, France, University of Poitiers
>Michel Fayol, France, University Blaise Pascal
>Frederic Francoise, France, Université de Paris V
>Annie Piolat, France, University de Provence
>Sylvie Plane, France, IUF de Paris
>Yves Reuter, France, Université Lille
>Joachim Grabowski, Germany, University of Education, Heidelberg,
>Pietro Boscolo, Italy, University of Padua
>Emilia Ferreiro, Mexico, National Polytechnic Institute
>Gert Rijlarsdam, Netherlands, University of Amsterdam
>Lisa Emerson, New Zealand, Massey University
>Olga Dysthe, Norway, University of Bergen
>Rochelle Kapp, South Africa, University of Cape Town
>Liliana Tolchinsky, Spain, University of Barcelona
>Linda Allal, Switzerland, Universite de Geneve
>Otto Kruse, Switzerland, University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Switzerland
>David Galbraith, UK, University of Staffordshire
>Ken Hyland, UK, University of London
>Roz Ivanic, UK, Lancaster University
>Theresa Lillis, UK, Open University
>Brian Street, UK, Kings College- London
>Mark Torrance, UK, University of Staffordshire
>Arnetha Ball, USA, Stanford University
>Charles Bazerman, USA, University of California Santa Barbara
>Anne Beaufort, USA, SUNY Stony Brook
>Carol Berkenkotter, USA, University of Minnesota
>Virginia Berninger, USA, University of Washington
>Sheridan Blau, USA, University of California Santa Barbara
>Ulla Connor, USA, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
>Christiane Donahue, USA, University of Maine, Farmington
>Ann Dyson, USA, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
>Jill Fitzgerald, USA, University North Carolina Chapel Hill
>Steve Graham, USA, Vanderbilt
>Kris Gutierrez, USA, University of California Los Angeles
>Christina Haas, USA, Kent State University
>Richard Haswell, USA, TAMU Corpus Christi
>John R. Hayes, USA, Carnegie Mellon University
>George Hillocks, USA, University of Chicago
>Tom Huckin, USA, University of Utah
>Susan Jarratt, USA, University of California Irvine
>Ilona Leki, USA, University of Tennessee
>Paul LeMahieu, USA, University of California Berkeley
>Andrea Lunsford, USA, Stanford University
>Karen Lunsford, USA, University of California Santa Barbara
>Charles MacArthur, USA, University of Delaware
>Paul Matsuda, USA, University of New Hampshire
>Debra McCutcheon, USA, University of Washington
>Heidi McKee, USA, Miami University
>Sandy Murphy, USA, UC Davis
>Bill Nagy, USA, Seattle Pacific University
>Sondra Perl, USA, CUNY Graduate Center
>Jim Porter, USA, Michigan State University
>Paul Prior, USA, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
>David Russell, USA, State University
>Rebecca Rickly, USA, Texas Technological University
>Tony Silva, USA, Purdue University
>Peter Smagorinsky, USA, University of Georgia
>Melanie Sperling, USA, University of California Riverside
>Clay Spinuzzi, USA, University of Texas Austin
>John Swales, USA, University of Michigan
>Chris Thaiss, USA, University of California Davis
>Gary Troia, USA, Michigan State University
>Kathleen Blake Yancey, USA, Florida State University
>Professor Charles Bazerman
>Department of Education
>Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
>University of California, Santa Barbara
>Santa Barbara, CA 93106
>phone: 805-893-7543
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