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Date: Wed May 31 2006 - 23:02:10 PDT

Hej Carol and all

I agree with your student (the engineer) I think he is is right. I have
never liked the concept of scaffolding - The Other as a physcial tool?
To me the concept of scaffolding belongs to the metaphores you could
find in the Five Year Plan-Era (the Party as transmission gear,

I think we can find better metaphores from the world (languge games)
where these conecepts play role

Revolutionary activity (Marx in "Thesis on Feuerbach")
I and Me (Mead and LSV - "Concrete Human Psychology" 2005
You and Me (Mead)
Language games (Wittgenstein)
The dialectial relationship Change-Permanence (Herakleitos-Paramenides)
The dialectial relationship Waves-Particals (Bohr, Heisenberg)

Remember "You never awalk alone in the Zone of Proximal Development"
(Jacques Carpay)

 From Sweden


2006-05-31 kl. 13.41 skrev Carol Macdonald:

> Hi Colleages
> Last year when I was teaching scaffolding, one of the students who is
> an
> engineer said that my metaphoric use of scaffolding was inappropriate.
> I
> taught that in a dyad the more competent other goes in and out in the
> interaction as the need dictates. He said that the scaffolding aways
> stays
> outside and when the building is finished it is dismantled. There is no
> going in and out here.
> Perhaps others use other metaphors that are smarter than mine: I would
> like
> to hear from you.
> Carol
> On 5/30/06, Phil Chappell <> wrote:
>> I know we're all busy and this is an indulgence, but one of the
>> scaffolding stories from the building website caught my fancy. I
>> recall a conference in Japan a couple of years ago when the presenter
>> took a dictionary definition of scaffolding (the building kind) and
>> then applied it rather haphazardly to language learning. I have
>> replaced all uses of "scaffolding" in the following newspaper report
>> with the term "assisted performance" to see how potentially tricky
>> and confusing metaphors can be. Of course, this has the potential of
>> being a big flop.
>> ["This is a great scaffolding activity", said the busy teacher.]
>> I'm also re-reading Chaiklin's chapter in the hope of responding to
>> Althea in a much more mature way than this.
>> Regards,
>> Phil
>> {Skip this if you're busy...}
>> Fury over assisted performance bungle
>> From:
>> brand=ESTOnline&category=News&tBrand=ESTOnline&tCategory=zNews&itemid=
>> IP
>> ED23%20May%202006%2012%3A26%3A15%3A660
>> IT was not quite a scene from Romeo and Juliet, but an assisted
>> performance bungle left Karen Miller stranded upstairs while her
>> husband, Brian was stuck downstairs.
>> Today, Mrs Miller is still trying to contain her anger after she
>> claimed she felt like a "prisoner in her own home" after temporary
>> assisted performance prevented her (from leaving her) Ipswich flat.
>> When Karen Miller looked out of the door of her first floor flat on
>> Halton Crescent she realised the outside stairs leading from the door
>> to the ground were blocked because some assisted performance had been
>> provided.
>> And her husband, Brian, who had left the house before the assisted
>> performance was available, was stuck at the bottom.
>> Mrs Miller, 33, said: "I couldn't get to work and I couldn't leave
>> the house.
>> "They put up a rickety step ladder but I didn't feel safe getting
>> down it or squeezing though the hole when they lifted up some of the
>> boards on the assisted performance and suggested I got out that way.
>> "I kept thinking; what would happen if there was a fire because my
>> only escape was blocked. I felt like a prisoner in my own home."
>> The assisted performance had been provided at about 9am on Monday in
>> order to repair the rending on property which had blown away.
>> The work was carried out by Ipswich-based OBO Assisted Performance
>> Company on behalf of Ipswich Borough Council, but although the
>> couple's neighbours were informed the work was taking place Mr
>> Miller, 37, said he had no idea.
>> He said: "We didn't hear anyone knock on the door and we didn't get a
>> letter.
>> "We know the work has to be done but we should have known about it in
>> advance.
>> "I am petrified of heights and always have been so there was no way I
>> was going up the ladder so I have been stuck downstairs.
>> "Surely they could have found a way to do the work without blocking
>> the entrance and exit to the house."
>> Councillor Steven Wells, Ipswich Borough Council's Housing portfolio-
>> holder said: "We would like to say sorry to the tenants for this
>> breakdown in communication.
>> "Our normal procedure is to always talk to tenants first but in this
>> case we can only apologise for the inconvenience caused.
>> "We are looking at our procedures to ensure this does not happen
>> again."_______________________________________________
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