[xmca] A CHAT initiative on the doctorate?

From: Cunningham, Donald James (cunningh@indiana.edu)
Date: Mon May 15 2006 - 08:40:04 PDT

I have been interested in the Carnegie Initiative on the Doctorate
(there is a recent article about it in the Educational Researcher -
archer/3503/3592-03_Shulman_RN_C.pdf). It occurred to me that in our
quest to identify good existing examples of zopeds, an alternative
strategy might be to design one. Often it is easier to understand
something you have created than something you are looking at from the
outside. What would a doctoral program built along the principles of
CHAT look like? For example, would there be "leading activities" and/or
"social situations of development" and/or
"meaning-formation-activities". If so, what are some examples? Would
using Engestrom's triangles assist us in designing or revising a
doctoral program? In what way would the essence of a zoped be embodied?
Maybe some of you already know of such programs and could tell us about


Anyone interested in exploring this?


Don Cunningham

Indiana University


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