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If we're looking for analyses of the emotions as social, can I recommend Joe
de Rivera's 'A Structural Theory of the Emotions' (1977, Psychological
Issues, 10, #40), where he interprets emotions as interpersonal movements. I
found it a very helpful basis upon which to look at the social dynamics of
moral conflicts, many moons ago.

Robert Solomon's 'The passions: The myth and nature of human emotion' (1983)
is also worth a look. Both these works predate the current reductionist


On 5/1/06 8:53 PM, "Ana Marjanovic-Shane" <> wrote:

> Dear Vera,
> Thanks for the congratulations.
> Here are some of my thoughts on the issue of emotions/ feelings -- this
> is just brainstorming...
> I am reading Damasio's "Looking for Spinoza", I just have begun.
> And I am thinking what do I want to do in writing about affects. So far,
> there are at least three areas of experience that have been somewhat
> covered in CHAT -- in regard to the affects/emotions/feelings:
> Play, creativity and collaboration and the psychology of art.
> Vygotsky's original idea that in play is also gaining awareness of
> emotions and learning to master of emotions has not been pursued as far
> as I know. Maybe I don't know.
> Another of Vygotsky's ideas from the psychology of art is the concept of
> dialectics of emotions in the art of literature and drama, and
> refinement and enrichment of the feelings and emotions through this
> cultural tool.
> I am just curious now what will I find in this book by Damasio. The last
> one (Descartes's error) was interesting to me because of the curious
> examples of brain damage that damages social judgment and relationships,
> but it was not connecting with anything in cultural historical theory.
> This book (Looking for Spinoza) may be the same --- at least from the
> little that I have read and the surface I have browsed. What is
> interesting there is Damasio's very thorough connection between body
> (physiological and motor processes) and emotions/feelings. However,
> there is nothing social in his studies of emotion -- even when the
> "object" of the feelings is another person (whether it is love or
> shame). Other people are just a part of the external reality in which an
> organism has to navigate and keep its integrity and well being.
> And that is so far a problem to connect sporadic studies of emotions in
> CHAT with the new knowledge on the physiology of nervous system and
> emotions.I also have the "Handbook of Emotions" edited by Michael Lewis
> -- with very interesting set of articles that cover philosophy,
> psychology, history and sociology, physiology, etc... I have started to
> looks at some of those articles, just to see the breadth of the issue.
> We also said that we should look into the studies of autism. I think
> that it could be VERY important to do that, but I haven't yet looked there.
> I am just starting to collect the references...
> A more systematic writeup of all of this will follow. I just need to
> sound off some of my very scattered thoughts.
> Love
> Ana
> Vera P. John-Steiner wrote:
>> Dear Ana,
>> Congratulations, Vera
>> Ana Marjanovic-Shane wrote:
>>> Dear Colleagues,
>>> The election is almost over. The poll will be open for another hour
>>> (until midnight US Eastern Time). I want to thank everyone who voted,
>>> and to urge all of you who did not vote yet, to do so as soon as
>>> possible. (links are below).
>>> Results of this election must be submitted to AERA by tomorrow (May
>>> 1). You will also know them then, and you can see them by visiting
>>> the second link below.
>>> All the best
>>> Ana
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>>> As you already know, CH-SIG is running an election for the new
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>>> We have received quite a few nominations for each of these positions.
>>> We have also informed all the nominees about their nomination and
>>> asked them for acceptance. Some of them did not accept for different
>>> reasons. Their names don't appear on the electronic ballot.
>>> The election is now open and will stay open until MAY 1.
>>> Here is you opportunity to participate at least in one FAIR election
>>> -- where campaigning did not cost one penny and where all candidates
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