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From: Peter Smagorinsky (smago@uga.edu)
Date: Fri Mar 31 2006 - 13:15:04 PST

>Zvi Bekerman, Ph.D.
>School of Education, Melton Center
>Hebrew University
>Israel, 91905
>Fax + 972 2 5322211
>Tel + 972 2 5882120
>NEW IN 2007. Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education: An
>International Journal (DIME)-a quarterly peer-reviewed journal
>focused on critical discourse and research in diaspora, indigenous,
>and minority education-is dedicated to researching cultural
>sustainability in a world increasingly consolidating under national,
>transnational, and global organizations. It aims to draw attention
>to, and learn from, the many initiatives being conducted around the
>globe in support of diaspora, indigenous, and minority education,
>which might otherwise go unnoticed.
>DIME invites research from a variety of theoretical and
>methodological perspectives. The journal welcomes articles that
>ground theoretical reflections in specific empirical research and
>case studies of diverse locations and peoples.
>Full contribution instructions are available online at
><<http://www.leaonline.com/>http://www.leaonline.com/>www.LEAonline.com To
>access the
>information click
>on the Journals menu, and locate Diaspora, Indigenous,and Minority
>Education or contact the editors Zvi Bekerman
>or Seonaigh
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