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You might try Eggins & Slade's framework for analysing casual
conversation (Cassell 1997). It is based on Halliday's social semiotic
theory of language, particularly the interpersonal aspects of language
use - information exchange, dialogue and attitude. The systems of
analysis and their general methodological approach are well explained in
the book, I have found it enormously helpful for analysing classroom
discourse. There may be a second edition of the text just out.


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Can perhaps some of you advice me on tools/methods/models used for a
dialogism-based understanding of people's conversations? One such model,
called "Initiative-response analysis" was for example presented in P.
Linell, L. Gustavsson, and P. Juvonen. Interactional dominance in dyadic
communication: a presentation of initiative-response analysis.
26:415--442, 1988, but it would be interesting to see more tools like


One could of course always start by using software such as NVivo and go
a very open-minded approach and see what themes and topics that appear
a material. However, as far I as know, that requires a whole lot of
understanding from the researcher at the start, in order to know what to
look for in the conversations. Therefore, it would be interesting to
more about your experiences from using analytical tools and models to
understand dialogs along the lines of Bakhtin/Volosinov/Holquist and


Patrik Bergman

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