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That´s pretty unromantic, Mike, isn´t it? :) Pessimistic, at least. Can one be romantic and pessimistic at the same time? Ah, these post-romantic, postmodern times...

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In 1979, when I could not get the Luria autobio published without censorship, I opened my epilogue with the following expression of my understanding of his predicatment:

So I shall never waste my life‑span in a vain useless hope, seeking what cannot be, a flawless man among us all who feed on the fruits of the broad earth. But I praise and love every man who does nothing base from free will. Against necessity, even gods do not fight.

Simonides as was a bard who spent part of his life living in Syracus under a tyrant's control.

In 2005 more could be said. But the one true story? Don't expect there is one, but I certainly do not know what it is. mike

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