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From: zdravo (zdravo@EUnet.yu)
Date: Fri Mar 24 2006 - 13:21:37 PST

Mike, Ana, Carrie
Thank you very much for your responses.
Mike thank you for your questioning that I see as
open space for conversations with different voices.
If we look at after-workshop performance Let the Roses Flourish,
as a source of joint building new activities, then it goes beyond
growing collection of descriptions of examples and could be
a growing history of joint activities.
This history is long, and not easy at all, there are many ups and downs...
Here are activities that took place during 2005.
Youth group created dance performance Moving Equilibrium, that did not
happen because they wanted to learn dancing, it just happened
within joint activities.
It is difficult to analyze and grasp a sparkling moment, because this was
creative completion of something what was already present.
The idea appeared and was creatively completed by all participants -
perfect equilibrium is when we balance one another.
Moving Equilibrium has been performed in public 7 times and each time
it brought new experience. It has a structure, but it was "unframed frame"
that left the freedom to improvise. Many of these young people participated
in our programmes since their childhood and their creative participation
does not represent their life experience - it is their life experience.
Our praxis built within social space contested by war and conflicts taught
us about life as we live it or more precisely, it taught us about social
sources of life.
Through common activities the human exchange occurs and
enormous capacity for learning for development becomes visible.

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