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     This is not to say that it always works well in the NYC public
schools, but what is termed the workshop model is still being
'required' and 'used' in a variety of subject areas. Some of the
innovators seem to see themselves very much in the zoped tradition.

Ed Wall

>Sure Lois, take us along this path because it seems to me one of the
>important ways to go, if not the
>only way. But 31 potential contributors are likely be brownian motion that
>get the teacher fired if they
>are not organized in some way(s). What ways? Which will work in what
>The 30:1 transmission classroom template has been there for about 6000 years
>by my rough calculation.
>We can, and should, argue that it is a great way to create
>power.knowledgedifferentials and stunt development.
>But we also have to provide alternatives that work and then alternatives
>that work in publically viable settings.....
>like ps2 or whatever in NYC or most any school in San Diego.
>I just left a setting in the community where kids between the ages of 2 and
>15 and undergrads and a couple of
>community adults and three visitors from Japan and a couple of others who
>think of themselves as associated
>with UCSD were busy co-creating development. Existence proofs are important.
>Spreading that "virus" seems
>equally important.
>On 3/18/06, Lois Holzman <> wrote:
>> What if the teacher is not working one on thirty, though? There are, after
>> all, 31 zoped creators in this situation, 31 contributors to creating an
>> environment in which the teacher (along with others) can facilitate
>> everyone's learning. Can we see the teacher's work as supporting that
>> activity?
>> Lois
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>> > The whole issue of how a teacher working one on thirty can create
>> anything
>> > approximating a zoped
>> > is worth a lot of discussion.
>> > mike
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