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I was surprised how the numbers bore out what I had seen in my own
experiences. One common thread between the two stories is that either
through privilege, luck, or family favor certain kids seem to develop an
affect or set of discourses they can access which help them later on.

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Kristen brings up a very valuable point. The look at siblings is a
very good example of the often turbulent socio-economic life many
people around the world live, where they, their peers and family
members as individuals keep shifting between different social classes
and layers, sometimes experiencing dramatic income differences, even
within a few years. The 75% statistic cited in the article is
certainly an attention-getter that points to this phenomena. And it
suggests that the meritocracy perspective has merit. After all, what
could account for this phenomena but individual luck and talent - or
the lack thereof?

A metaphor I often use to try to sort this contradiction out is a
multi-lane freeway, where the lanes are well-defined, but the
individual cars that populate the lanes keep shifting between them.

- Steve

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