[xmca] Discussion paper- A dilemma

From: Mike Cole (lchcmike@gmail.com)
Date: Wed Mar 08 2006 - 09:47:39 PST

We face a dilemma when considering how to discuss a paper from the new issue
of MCA. It is a
special issue featuring a unique, long article by Saxe and Esmonde that
compares number systems in use in New Guinea 20+ years ago when Geoff first
went there and recently. There are two important commentaries, by Hatano and
Sfard. The entire package is certainly worth discussion but even if Erlbaum
were to make the entire issue available, which seems unreasonable, it is
very long and would, I fear, be a burden for those not interested in issues
of cultural historical change of number systems and implications for
cognition. Or, not interested enough to work through the article and
commentaries in coordinated time for a discussion.

I see four possibilities.
1) Ask Erlbaum to make the three articles available because lots of people
want them.
2) Have a discussion of the articles for those who have subs to MCA only
3) Urge people to get a copy of the journal and see if there is sufficient
interest to discuss over
the summer.
4. Urge people to get a copy of the journal but not have a discussion on
XMCA and instead pick
an article on Virtual Reality and Real Life """"""""""""" for discussion.

By cc of this message I am asking Claudia to open the polls with this
message as a template
and a voting mechanism so people can express their preferences without
clogging the XMCA
discussion forum. Of course, you are free to make other suggestions and we
will do what we can to implement them.
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