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>From: This Learning Life Conference <thislearninglife@bristol.ac.uk>
>This Learning Life Conference, Bristol, 20-22 April 2006
>Education is preparing young people for the future - and that means for
>a learning life. Not all go to university; not all get good
>qualifications. But in this uncertain, entrepreneurial world, every last
>one will need to be good at learning. But what does that mean?
>What does real-life learning actually involve? And how can schools coach
>students more effectively in the skills and attitudes of real-life learning?
>This conference gets well-known figures from many walks of life to reflect
>on their learning lives, and invites all those interested in the practical
>future of education to muse on what these stories might mean for teaching
>and learning in schools and colleges.
> Ex-Secretary of State for Education Estelle Morris talks about her
>learning life with UK government Culture Online guru Prof Jonathan Drori.
> Scientist Lord Robert Winston opens up to BBC2's Rough Scientist
>Prof Kathy Sykes.
> England goalkeeping legend Ray Clemence and award-winning England
>Cricketer Mark Alleyne discuss learning in sport with FA Youth Coach
> John Allpress. British Chess Champion Jonathan Rowson reflects on
>his learning journey with Prof Guy Claxton. A household name actor (watch
>this space!) will talk with Bristol theatre expert Prof Martin White.
> And up-and-coming Bristol youth band The Naturals play music and
>talk about their learning with Prof Martin Hughes.
>In addition there are keynotes and on-going reflections from Harvard's
>Prof David Perkins, Stanford's Prof Shirley Brice Heath, and Director of
>UK think-tank Demos Tom Bentley. And there will be plenty of opportunity
>for participants to share their thoughts and experience too.
>This Learning Life is organised by Profs Guy Claxton and Rosamund
>Sutherland and colleagues in the University of Bristol's Graduate School
>of Education, and Prof Martin White, Provost of the Institute for Advanced
>Studies. It is sponsored by The Lifelong Learning Foundation, The Esmee
>Fairbairn Trust, the DfES, the General Teaching Council and TLO Ltd.
>For more information, registration, and how to submit presentations, go to:
>This Learning Life Conference Secretariat
>University of Bristol
>20-22 April 2006

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