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hello patrick
i taught dilemma problem-based units in a gifted program in a suburban st. louis school district. i taught biotechnology to fourth graders (curriculum standards middle to high school) around the dilemma issue of the ethics of human cloning and stem cell research. I designed a standards based assessment processes- formative and summative for the units. I found that this process, the identification of a unifying issue, helps the students interact at a more advanced level with the information, each other and the community (Monsanto, Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University, several private genomic companies, oncology nurse, etc) I found this type of unit design was very productive .
I think that a game/simulation/module of this type- open-ended dillema problem-solving- would be a challenging design prototype but an interesting and productive process.
I am also currently part of the Virtual Instructors Pilot Reseasrch Group (VIPRG) which is part of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Learning Technology. The purpose of this group is to conduct research to devise the best approaches for building pedagogically-effective virtual instructors or pedagogical agents leading to a virtual instructor standard.
Sasha Barab at Indiana U. does excellent research on games.
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