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On Language and Linguistics
Volume 3 Collected Works of M A K Halliday
M A K Halliday
Edited by Jonathan J Webster
0826488242, 25

This marvelous volume, with its kaleidoscopic approach to linguistic
research, "constantly turning language round and around" as Halliday
puts it, presents an extraordinarily imaginative picture of language
and its relationships to science, society, and consciousness. Even the
earliest papers, which excited me as I first got to know his work,
still offer stimulating ideas for contemporary readers.
Sydney M. Lamb, Emeritus Professor, Rice University, Texas.

This third volume in the Collected Works of M. A. K. Halliday series
includes papers that explore different aspects of language from a
systemic functional perspective. The papers are organized into three
sections: the place of linguistics as a discipline; linguistics and
language; and language as social semiotic. In addition, there is a new
work from Professor Halliday, entitled 'On the "architecture" of human
language', in which he focuses on the assumptions or working
hypotheses that enabled him to explore important questions about this
massive semiotic power called 'language'.

Professor M. A. K. Halliday (b. 1925) was Foundation Professor of
Linguistics at the University of Sydney until his retirement and has
taught as a Visiting Professor around the world. As a self-styled
'generalist' he has published in many branches of linguistics.
Jonathan J. Webster is Head of the Department of Chinese, Translation
and Linguistics at the City University of Hong Kong.


Language of Early Childhood
Volume 4
Collected Works of M A K Halliday
M A K Halliday
Edited by Jonathan J Webster
0826488250, 25

As this volume in the Collected Works makes clear, Halliday's interest
in early language development is not just an interesting sideline,
distinct from his major work in developing a systemic functional
account of language. Halliday's trail-blazing and detailed study of
what children progressively become able to do through acts of meaning
is at the same time an attempt to understand how language gradually
developed in the human species, as a resource for both construing
experience and enacting interpersonal relationships. The chapters in
this volume constitute an important contribution to both these
agendas. Halliday's work on language development has also been
instrumental in gaining recognition for the central role of linguistic
meaning making in the successive phases of education, from preschool
chat to academic writing. This important collection has much to offer
to all social scientists and educators as well as to students of
language development.' (Professor Gordon Wells, University of
California Santa Cruz.)

The Language of Early Childhood contains sixteen papers presented in
three parts: infancy and protolanguage; the transition from child
tongue to mother tongue; and early language and learning. The
transcripts of Professor Halliday's sociolinguistic account of the
early linguistic development of one particular child, Nigel, are
included as a CD with this volume._______________________________________________
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