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Hi Patrik,

Welcome to xmca! We have been working on developing a life-span
perspective on pretend play and have a paper in press on this issue. If
you are interested in taking a look at this paper, drop me a note off the
net. You might want to look at the work of Brian Sutton-Smith (i.e., The
ambiguity of play) and Keith Sawyer who has several books on play and
creativity. Best, Artin Goncu

On Wed, February 8, 2006 8:51 am, Patrik Bergman said:
> Since I am completely new to the list, I have probably missed all the
> highly
> interesting discussions on the role of play and games for the development
> of
> our minds and souls, but if someone here has any great insight they are
> willing to share, I am all ears.
> What I have found somewhat confusing/lacking is that most theorists talk
> only about the role of play when we are kids (in relation to zpd, etc.),
> but
> what I wonder is what happens to play and games when we are grown ups. I
> truly believe play and games can have a substantial role in the lives of
> people today. As the highly materialistic and modernized world (or
> post-modern, post-post modern, etc.) asks a higher price of us for each
> year, more and more people play online games. Is this only to flee the
> thought that life is a veil of tears and nothing more, or is there also
> something else to it? Something more substantial, something that actually
> contributes to the lives of adult humans today?
> As stated, it might be that I have missed all the wonderful writings on
> the
> role of play and games in adult's lives from a sociocultural viewpoint,
> and
> then I am sorry for this. Otherwise, it would be interesting to hear what
> you have to say.
> Patrik Bergman
> PhD student in games and education
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