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To say it in more dialectical terms, affordances embody their own
negation, they are non-affordances. What we see, the QUERTY as
affording and non-affording, however, only are the outer expressions
of the underlying inner contradiction.

On 8-Feb-06, at 10:08 AM, Mike Cole wrote:

Hell Basile-- I think that a lot of people on xmca are interested in the
issue you point

A couple of pointers that may be redundant and a comment.

About a week ago don cunningham argued against using the term
things cultural. I do not agree but there has not been time for us to
discuss to explore
what is at issue, although Don makes some of the issues clear.

Jim Wertsch and Don Norman have both explicity written about qwerty.

Comment in question form. What is an example of a nontechnological tool?

On 2/8/06, basile zimmermann <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if someone on the list could help me find information
> on "affordances or cultural constraints 'inside' technological tools,
> based on history and design".
> Things like when an ASCII keyboard is based on the latin alphabet,
> which is inconvenient for writing in Chinese, the issue of 'corrupted'
> French (and other foreign languages) accents in e-mails*, or the fact
> that websites names can only be written in plain English etc.
> Any help really appreciated (I am looking for more
> references/comparisons for my thesis) --thanks very much in advance,
> Basile
> *I actually wrote myself a very short "first-try" article (5 pages) on
> these issues about a year ago. If someone wants to have a look
> email me
> privately and I'll be very glad to send a copy.
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