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Date: Sat Jan 28 2006 - 02:49:09 PST

Mike et. al.,

Are there any copyright issues with the DVD? This is a new one for me
- I was planning to make some copies (not the book) for friends and
colleagues, but just thought of the legal issue. I have time - I was
told by Erlbaum today that the book shipped Jan 10 but will take 8-10
weeks to get here. The currents are a little strong this time of year.


On 28/01/2006, at 7:03 AM, Mike Cole wrote:

> Hi Don--
> Erlbaum is trying very hard. And some reviews have appeared on
> Amazon, so
> maybe
> some memory of ARL can survive,...... biased, incomplete, and etc
> as it is.
> By all means
> add to the reviews if the spirit moves you.
> I got from probability learning among IU undergrads to culture and
> development by
> stumbling backwards through life and being very very lucky. There
> is a very
> odd and
> complicated set of retrospectively plausible stories to be told
> about it.
> Ask my
> wife about it. She was there and probably understands.
> mike
> On 1/27/06, Cunningham, Donald James <> wrote:
>> The additional material is wonderful, not to be missed (my
>> favorite is
>> the Bruner/Sachs piece). I ordered my copy from Erlbaum and it
>> arrived
>> via UPS in dreadful condition. I sent a bilious email to Erlbaum,
>> fully
>> expecting the usual run around (contact the shipper, send the book
>> back
>> at my expense, etc). Instead a fresh and undamaged copy arrived 3
>> days
>> later via USPS.
>> One regret is that Cole and Levitin did not talk more about their
>> personal interactions with Alexander Romanovich. Mike, how did you
>> get
>> from " Search behavior: a correction procedure for three-choice
>> probability learning" in 1962 (Mike's dissertation at Indiana
>> University) to analyzing the data from the Central Asia studies a few
>> years later? Have you written about this anywhere?
>> Don Cunningham
>> Indiana University
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>> Here is a bit of good news about the Luria book thanks to all the
>> feedback
>> you have provided.
>> Erlbaum was told by Amazon: We are waiting for more inventory to come
>> in.
>> We have sold out of all previously ordered inventory at an unexpected
>> rate
>> and are awaiting the arrival of more units, hence the current
>> availability
>> messaging.
>> Also, anyone whose book arrived without the DVD is having a new books
>> with
>> DVD sent by Erlbaum directly.
>> And, there are even comments/reviews appearing.
>> Meantime, we had an interesting Class meeting on mediational
>> theories of
>> mind and more will be appearing in that
>> discussion for those interested. The issue of the social context
>> of what
>> people wrote, and for/against whom they
>> were writing, is a theme that appears to be staying with the
>> class....
>> Apropos of the DVD,
>> mike
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