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From: Elaine Parent (
Date: Fri Jan 27 2006 - 14:02:46 PST

Wow, that is really good news! Wonder how many books were in the
first printing.....
I cut class today as I was DETERMINED to get my journal submission
off to the Counseling Psychologist today, or else. Topic refers to
doctoral students and attrition. Next week back to service learning.
On Jan 27, 2006, at 1:04 PM, Mike Cole wrote:

> Here is a bit of good news about the Luria book thanks to all the
> feedback
> you have provided.
> Erlbaum was told by Amazon: We are waiting for more inventory to
> come in.
> We have sold out of all previously ordered inventory at an
> unexpected rate
> and are awaiting the arrival of more units, hence the current
> availability
> messaging.
> Also, anyone whose book arrived without the DVD is having a new
> books with
> DVD sent by Erlbaum directly.
> And, there are even comments/reviews appearing.
> Meantime, we had an interesting Class meeting on mediational
> theories of
> mind and more will be appearing in that
> discussion for those interested. The issue of the social context of
> what
> people wrote, and for/against whom they
> were writing, is a theme that appears to be staying with the class....
> Apropos of the DVD,
> mike
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