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Nice overview, it succinctly summarizes the view Vygotsky held pertaining
to the interplay between a person's everyday experiences and the formal
register expected in the specific training grounds where rigid expectations
are reinforced.

Would researchers in the CHAT tradition feel comfortable equating
Vygotsky's concept with artifact? Does artifact have a formal overtone or
do artifacts have a more all encompassing character that transfers to
everyday experiences?



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Shirley, I try to sort out V's ideas about concepts in the attached paper
(mostly at the beginning, if the rest doesn't interest you). best,Peter
At 11:21 AM 1/26/2006 +0000, you wrote:
>A cat among the pigeons?.......
>There has been discussion about word and meaning and sense. How does this
>fit in with 'concept'?
>I am struggling with trying to define what is meant by 'concept',
>particularly in the Vygotskian sense. I know about the types of concept,
>and about development, how they are learnt, etc but what do colleagues
>think is meant by the term.
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