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Date: Sat Jan 21 2006 - 15:13:06 PST

bb, you've written:
Yes, of course, constraints and affordances really could be better expressed as one word constraintsandaffordances, and yes, i see how they can appear in all yrjo's categories -- my reason for pulling out rules was expediency in writing an email.

I think I pulled gordon's vignette about Halliday out of the archives. If it is OK, I'll post it to xmca.

My reason for focussing on halliday's semiotic potential rather than constraints and affordances are because of what I see as a much greater semiotic potential
for addressing the teaching and learning I have been observing. I'm not saying C&A can't be used, but that I find greater ability to describe what I'm seeing by pulling together social semiotics, activity theory, and ecological psychology.

         and in response, what i'd like to especially is how much i've appreciated your great patience in working through these multiple questions that have been brought up - i wish now you'd been in Seville and i had gotten to have more time with you.

          also, having taught elementary school, and now working in an elementary school with, this semester, thirteen teacher candidates, i recognize the astonishingly deep complexity that you're so ablely explicating - the photo of the room is much like the rooms of the school that i'm at - in fact, one room is even more intricately structured with text that your example. i'm still trying to figure out how you're parsing out the multitude of ecological threads that inhabit such a small space as a classroom. i do think that Holland's work comes closest to explaining how from such a space an enormous sense of coherence emerges - that multiplicity of differences that makes a difference - so that shared learnings and understandings are evident through the complexities of the activities.



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