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From: Andy Blunden (ablunden@mira.net)
Date: Sat Jan 14 2006 - 04:18:48 PST

   Comrades and friends,
   I have been reading Vincent Colpietro's "Peirce's Approach to the Self".
   This book is so interesting that I felt I must have it to consult after I
   return it to the library, But it is out of print and the only copy on the
   secondhand market costs US$150 plus postage. So, I have scanned in the
   entire 150 pages. The file is 565k so those without broadband need not
   apply, but if you'd like a copy, I will send it to you,
   It is really only of value for those with an interest in the foundations of
   psychology - Peirce lived over a century ago and was not a psychologist, but
   for activity theorists the book is an amazing read.
   Here is the table of contents:

                      Chapter One. Is Peirce's Theory of Signs Truly General?
                      Chapter Two. Semiosis and Subjectivity
                      Chapter Three. The Relevance of Peirce's Semiotics to
                      Chapter Four. Peirce's Account of the Self. A
                      Developmental Perspective
                      Chapter Five. Inwardness and Autonomy

   For Peirce, "semiosis" is "sign-activity". Semiosis goes on everywhere, in
   nature as well as with mind, though semiosis does not exhaust a thing which
   also has "being." Everything is a sign, but later he decides that a "sign"
   does not "represent", it "mediates"; interpretation really means "effect."
   Thought is a species of semiosis, and man, a species of sign, is in thought,
   not thought in man (excuse the 19th century sexist word). In my search for a
   definition of subjectivity, this is a real find. I am fairly new to Peirce
   and enjoying him greatly.

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