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> New to Routledge for 2006
> From 2006, Routledge will be publishing the Journal of Intercultural
> Communication Research (JICR), a publication of the
> <http://scientific-direct.net/c.asp?id=597752&c=af23ed2b441ac429&l=2>World
> Communication Association.
>Editor: Jim Neuliep, St. Norbert College, USA,
>Volume 35, 2006, 3 issues a year
>Print ISSN 1747-5749 Online ISSN 1747-5767
>JICR publishes qualitative and quantitative research that focuses on
>interrelationships between culture and communication.
>Invitation to Submit Papers
>The Editor welcomes submitted manuscripts that may report results from
>either cross-cultural comparative research or results from other types of
>research concerning the ways culture affects human symbolic activities.
>Studies reporting data from within a single nation/culture should focus on
>cultural factors and explore the theoretical or practical relevance of
>their findings from a cross-cultural perspective. For further information
>on how to submit papers, please visit the
>Special Introductory Offer
>We are offering two options to new personal subscribers to Journal of
>Intercultural Communication Research from Volume 35, 2006. Choose either a
>20% discount on the subscription price or receive 6 months free online
>access to the journal. For further details of this offer, please email:
><mailto:danielle.hanton@tandf.co.uk>danielle.hanton@tandf.co.uk quoting
>reference XC03001S or visit the
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