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Date: Thu Jan 05 2006 - 19:15:42 PST

Here is the url for ordering the new edition of the Luria
autobiography, The Making of Mind, from Erlbaum:

All the text from the first edition of The Making of Mind (published
by Harvard) is included in the new edition, including the writing
Mike did, but there is some new material in this Erlbaum edition that
is worth the $20 price.

There are three new articles by Mike Cole and Karl Levitin: a preface
entitled "Putting A Scientific Autobiography Into Its Social and
Personal Contexts" and two sections at the end entitled "Luria In
Social Context" and "Luria in Personal Context: Reconciling Contradictions."

But wait, there's more! Included in the book is a DVD with six
sections discussing Luria's life:
1. Introduction by Mike Cole (La Jolla, 2004)
2. Karl Levitin interviews J.P Das (Amsterdam, 2002)
3. Karl Levitin interviews Peter Tulviste (Amsterdam, 2002)
4. Michael Cole interviews Jerome Bruner and Oliver Sachs (New York, 2002)
5. Karl Levitin interviews Vladmir Zinchenko (Moscow, 2002)
6. Karl Levitin interviews Vladmir I. Lubovsky (Moscow, 2002)

This DVD is sure to become a hard-to-find item someday (think of how
hard it is to find an original copy of Jerome Bruner's supplement to
Vygotsky's 1962 English language edition of Thought and
Language). Besides its importance as supplemental material on Luria,
this DVD also represents what I think will prove to be a new standard
for this kind of research and scholarship. In my opinion, Mike and
Karl and the people they interviewed have raised the bar for
scientific autobiography by including a DVD like this in Luria's
wonderful book.

BTW, Mike meant the book costs 20 dollars ($19.95 plus shipping), not
20% (percent). We should be so lucky!

NEW: is now offering the book for $19.95 plus shipping (it
was $47.00 or something a few weeks ago).

- Steve

At 08:39 AM 1/4/2006 -0800, Mike Cole wrote:
>Dear Xmca-ers,
>Attached is the syllabus for the course on mediational theories of mind that
>has been discussed here from time to time.
>If you are interested in participating, please email me directly and I will
>add you to the course webboard.
>I apologize for the delay for which there were technical and
>social-coordinational reasons.
>Note that this course covers a 10 week span here at UCSD. We will be meeting
>on Fridays.We have access to
>a polycom camera and potentially could interact with interested participants
>via the internet but since the xmca participants
>who are interested are so spread out, this is probably impractical. Hence,
>we will use a webboard as our central facility. I have
>applied for one to be made available.
>Most of the reading will be made available to participants on the webboard.
>There are a couple of possible exceptions which we can
>discuss once we know how many people we are talking about. There is one
>certain exception. We begin next friday, the 13th (I believe)
>with a reading of the new autobiography of AR Luria which is purhasalbe from
>Earlbaum for 20%. It would be good to order that book
>now if you wish to participate.
>Given the past couple fo days discussion about semiotic theories, a category
>to which mediational theories belong, I am certain an entire
>new 10 week set of follow on readings would be worthwhile. But I am not
>peronally in a position to lead such an effort this spring. Perhaps
>later in the year.
>Again, my apologies for my slowness in getting this out.
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