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Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 21:33:51 PST

   I am just finishing reading "Struggles for subjectivity: Identity, Action
   and Youth experience," by Kevin McDonald, which is funnily enough written by
   a colleague at Melbourne Uni.. It is an excellent read; concerned with
   marginalised youth rather than the mainstream, it uses the problems of these
   young people to "test" several theories of subjectivity. The writer draws on
   a lot of French writers, particularly a current calling itself "the
   sociology of experience". Alaine Touraine gets quoted a lot and he is
   definitely next on my reading list. It looks very interesting indeed. I
   wonder if anyone on this list is familiar with Touraine? He uses a method of
   "sociological intervention" which implies a similar critique of
   "observation" as the Vygotsky School. Touraine's research was carried out on
   social movements.
   At 06:03 PM 23/11/2005 -0500, you wrote:

     Mike, I would recommend the following:
     1. for a general background: Identity and Agency in Cultural Worlds by
     Holland et al. (great intro using Vygotsky and Bakhtin and other good
     2. for an example of work with youth in communities with emphasis on
     Struggles for subjectivity: Identity, Action and Youth experience, by
     McDonald, CUP, 1999
     3. for action research methodology (which I think is compatible with the
     interest in subjectivity and community
     e.htm 4. i would also recommend to look up Journal of Community
     Psychology for examples of work done in various theoretical frameworks.
     5. certainly optional, to link subjectivity to Activity theory, Leontiev
     in particular (if the person is interested in this): my paper with IA in
     Theory and Psychology on self in CHAT.
     From here it depends if the person is interested in gender issues, or
     immigration issues or some other more specific aspects of work - much more
     could be added.
     Hope this helps in one way or another... just a quick reaction on the way
     out of the door,

      Hegel Summer School 17th February 2006, University of Melbourne
               "UnReason in Revolt - Postmodern Conservatism"


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