RE: [xmca] Stetsenko paper: slightly corrected MSWord version

From: Steve Gabosch (
Date: Mon Oct 24 2005 - 20:49:45 PDT

I really appreciate Sasha putting Anna's paper on MSWord. This helps
me a lot and maybe some others. I am sending along a slightly
corrected file in MSWord in case others find it helpful. The file I
am sending clocks in at 130Kb on my computer. I have corrected the
problem with the missing words on page 18 (page 85 in the journal),
fixed a misnumbering of the footnotes added in by MSWord magic, and
fixed a few incorrect indentations and some other little noises
created by transferring from Adobe to MSWord. The footnotes aren't
all on the right pages, but that shouldn't matter for just
reading. I would encourage people to use the Adobe version, if they
can, if they plan to print out Anna's article or e-mail it to
others. MSWord too easily gets confused, introduces errors, and is
just not reliable. I personally like having articles like this in
MSWord format that I want to study deeply, because it allows me to do
creative note-taking and experiment with different "looks" at the
text. But I certainly don't want versions of Anna's article that
distort her writing or her intended formatting to get circulated on
the web, and I know no one else on xmca does, either. One of the
ironies of the internet is that one of the very things that gives it
so much power, its ability to easily reproduce text, is also one of
its great shortcomings - its ease at reproducing *incorrectly*
reproduced text. And so it goes.

I am very excited about Anna's article. I believe it is a valuable
advancement of the discussion of many essential philosophical and
methodological issues CHAT is grappling with.

- Steve

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