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Please consider doing this or finding colleagues who will. There are likely
to be some proposals that need reviewers who understand adolescent reading
activities and learning to read activities, and who understand pedagogy
beyond the "translating and applying" activities mentioned in the
announcement. In other reviews following this process, it has been possible
for reviewers to make arguments so that some about-to-be dismissed projects
have been supported. Working from the unexpected perspective, however,
means that you will add quite a bit of pro bono time to the time estimate
suggested in the announcement. --Peg



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Greetings from The Knowledge Loom!


The Knowledge Loom (http://knowledgeloom.org) is a Web-based professional
learning resource managed by the Education Alliance at Brown University. It
features collections of recommended practices for K-12 educators and draws
on the work of nationally-recognized technical assistance organizations,
researchers, schools, and districts.


This special notice is being sent to registered Knowledge Loom users at the
request of the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education of the U.S.
Department of Education. Because many of you are regular users of the
Adolescent Literacy in the Content Areas spotlight, we thought you might be
interested in this opportunity.




The Office of Elementary and Secondary Education of the U.S. Department of
Education is seeking nominations of highly qualified technical reviewers to
review and evaluate applications for a Fall 2005 competition for the
Striving Readers program. Striving Readers is a new discretionary grant
program authorized as part of the FY 2005 Appropriations Act under the Title
I demonstration authority. The program supports new comprehensive reading
initiatives or expansion of existing initiatives that improve the quality of
literacy instruction across the curriculum, provide intensive literacy
interventions to struggling adolescent readers, and help to build a strong,
scientific research base for identifying and replicating strategies that
improve adolescent literacy skills.

The review of applications will be conducted in early January 2006 using the
Department's E-Reader internet-based review system. Each reviewer will be
expected to evaluate up to 10 applications and to provide in-depth comments
on the strengths and weakness of the applications according to the absolute
priorities and application criteria for the Striving Readers program.
Reviewers also will be expected to participate in a teleconference
discussion on each application as well as a teleconference prior to the
review to receive instructions for the Striving Readers review. The
Department will pay an honorarium to each reviewer. We expect that the
review process will not exceed 5 full days.

We are looking for reviewer candidates with demonstrated knowledge and
expertise in the following areas:

*Adolescent literacy

*Scientifically-based reading research and instruction

*High schools/high school reform

*Middle schools/middle school reform

*Rigorous experimental education research and/or experimental program

*Designing and administering federal programs or NCLB initiatives (i.e.,
Reading First, Title I, supplemental services, assessment and accountability

*Designing and/or administering programs for and/or delivering
literacy/reading instruction to special populations (i.e., migrant students,
ELL/LEP students, special education students)

*Designing and/or delivering research-based reading/literacy professional
development services to teachers and/or leaders

*Translating and applying scientifically based research to literacy
instruction across the curriculum in the core content areas.


We invite you to submit the names of persons with these qualifications,
along with a current and complete resume (including descriptions of duties
for each position of employment, no gaps in time, and the reviewers social
security number). We will consider all nominations for reviewers without
regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age or disability. We will
provide reasonable accommodations for a qualified individual with a
disability so that that individual might participate in the review process.

Please send your nominations to: Kathryn Doherty at Kathryn.Doherty@ed.gov,
U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20202.
In order to meet our schedule for this review, we will need to receive your
nominations no later than Friday, November 4, 2005.


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