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Date: Tue Oct 18 2005 - 10:03:02 PDT

HiAnna <> is where you order the Goody book
from, Ana.
People obviously can write as they choose. As we have seen this week, when
goes unanswered, or some tries to dominate the discussion, it degrades the

I have discussed with several people a policy of dividing the year into 12
months and having
a different group/place/person more or less shepard the discussion during
that period, perhaps putting up a paper for discussion a topic near to their
heart, or that they think is
systematically missing and could use discussion, or.........

If there are 12 members who would like to volunteer to set up such an
arrangement, it might
help to make the diversity of voices (and responsibilities) which XMCA
strives to embody a
reality. Short of that, people should do as they wish and the outcome will
be manifest.

I will keep the poll for voting on next article open until tomorrow. It
appears a close decision. Perhaps we can discuss both, with the author who
comes in second supplying something
to xmca on his/her own. However, the next issue of xmca is already here, and
a new vote
will begin next week. So, we lurch toward winter.


PS-- There are a wide variety of essays in the Goody book. I believe you can
access the TOC
on the Erblaum web page.
On 10/18/05, Ana Marjanovic-Shane <> wrote:
> How can we get it before publication?? I am interested.
> Is is sufficient to promise to write on XMCA every week at least one time :-)
> ?? More than one time?? Any money involved?
> Ana
> Mike Cole wrote:
> The book below is about to be published at which point only God and Bill
> Gates will be able to afford it.
> At present, those with a special interest in the topic might be able to get
> a copy for only the cost of a year
> of xmca. :-(
> mike
> (cloth)*<tek9.asp?pg=products&specific=0-8058-5402-9>
> Subtitle: Implications of the Work of Jack Goody
> Author: *David R. Olson (ed.) and Michael Cole (ed.)*
> Primary Subject: LITERACY/READING
> Secondary Subject: SOCIAL COGNITION
> ISBN: 0-8058-5402-9
> Year: August 2004
> Price: $110.00
> *Pre-Paid Price ONLY: $39.95*
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