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Date: Sat Oct 15 2005 - 17:19:34 PDT

I ask u please to forgive me if these messages on activating postmodernism
are overpacking your e-mail box, but this is a way I have to figure out –
although in a primitive and rough fashion – some ideas.


I read some days ago in a blog about last DE congress, held in
Florianópolis-SC (a state in the southeast region of Brasil), that the fact
of that congress – on distance education - only had happen in a synchronous
timing was a “crying” contradiction. “Why people do not stay discussing the
issues emerged in that assembly in ALN environments?” asked the blogger
owner with no echo. What significance has a superficial discussion
constrained by synchronous time? What this imprisonment to face-to-face
interactions says? How an exclusion-inclusion or broader-narrow dialetics
operates in such kind of exclusively presential enterprises?


Questions to be equated or, if u prefer, pre-texts to discoursive plays…


But, as I was saying at the head of this post, this is a way to put in words
some thoughts, to share them. Now, I catch myself thinking in Holzman’s
words on alienation in her draft paper:



“If, following Marx, we are commodified and alienated individuals, then
transformative social change would entail the de-commodification and
de-alienation of the “human products”—a positive and constructive process of
producing sociality. Vygotsky’s social-cultural psychology, a psychology of
being and becoming, can be employed (as it has in social therapy) to
de-commodify and de-alienate, through a deconstruction-reconstruction of the
ontology of modernist psychology in which human beings are understood to be
only who we are. In social therapy’s process ontology, human beings are both
who we are and who we are becoming. And who we are becoming are creators of
tools that can continuously transform mundane specific life practices
(including those that produce alienation) into new forms of life. Creating
these new kinds of tools is the becoming activity of creating/giving
expression to our sociality.” (p.17)



I’m not ashamed of “outing” what I am and what I’m becoming. I do not care
if you have a bigger “cock” or a larger “ass”, even a jaguar fast leaving
your garage at early morning with lights on. :-)

I’m not perfect - same you are not too.

I’m becoming and you too.

I want to be happy

- and to be happy, to me, righ now, is a de-commodifying relation with
knowledge and people and culture and society and politics and so on ...



- after this rude brainstorming let me come back arms to sholder –


I read also in that blog, refered here above, a post of a foreign professor
invited to give a lecture in the congress. It was not written in a perfect
Portuguese – and the blogger said that the professor asked he himself to
post his message. I love it. Because although his message was not so perfect
as if it would be posted by an academic translator it has its own value –
the fact of be something original, singular, with his “chest”. – Hello...
nothing against translators, please!


We could be more generous and relate ourselves to commodifying fetichism as
well as to a de-objectifing transaction with people around.


I am giving classes to 4 groups in graduation – each one with 50 students -
in a public institution of country zone of Bahia. No research, people onling
running after their diplomas.There´s no microphone, no data-show, only a
white board and no money to get Xerox or to print documents… Only six
computer to all professors and students… I hate left home and go there to
legitimate such a degradant pedagogic enterprise. But Brazilian economy goes
very well – says President Lula.


Give-me a break!




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