[xmca] Activity Systems and Time

From: Carol Macdonald (macdonaldc@educ.wits.ac.za)
Date: Sat Oct 15 2005 - 03:15:56 PDT

Mike pointed out that the Activity System is an abstraction: I see it as an
external tool, and as it is currently drawn, it only represents two
dimensions. Time—which can’t be represented, is the fourth dimension and
as such, we could only represent it by having a continuously moving system,
but this is best done discursively as the relationships are continuously
changing. As Mike (1996:141) said:
The various components of an activity system do not exist in isolation from
one another; rather, they are constantly being constructed, renewed, and
transformed as outcome and cause of human life.
It is our job to describe the construction, renewal and transformation and
changed relationships: the schema per se cannot do that for us.
Carol Macdonald
Wits School of Education


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