Re: [xmca] Speaking tour for Sasha Surmava

From: Andy Blunden (
Date: Fri Oct 14 2005 - 16:30:40 PDT

   The itinerary is open Ana. At this point I am trying to put a viable
   tour together, so a stop-over on the East Coast would be good,
   provided there is someone there to host Sasha and make a contribution
   to the cost of the trip.
   At 11:29 AM 14/10/2005 -0400, you wrote:

     It would also be good if people on the East Coast are interested in
     hearing Sasha and if we can organize that some of his talks be held
     there. Does his trip already include a stop on the East Coast?
     Mike Cole wrote:

     Good idea, Andy. Let me see what I can organize at UCSD. Some idea
     of total
     cost for transportation would help. And, of course, timing will be
     a big
     On 10/12/05, Andy Blunden <> wrote:

     Dear all,
     I have offered to organise a speaking tour of Australia for Sasha
     Surmava. I will be organising it under the aegis of the Victorian
     Peace Network, as part of a series of such tours which aim to
     collaboration between a diversity of social justice constituencies.
     The hope is to cover the cost of air fares through University
     contributions, leaving time for Sasha to talk to social justice
     about life in the former soviet union, peace, social justice,
     and so on. Sasha is preparing a CV and other material that I can
     working with to gain interest from the Universities.
     I need help.
     Firstly, could any of you XMCA-ers who are in Australia, please
     conatct me so we can cooperate to find academic sponsors and also,
     sympathetic hosts who could welcome Sasha in the different cities
     Secondly, the whole thing would be so much richer for Sasha and I
     think more viable financially, if his return trip included some
     in the US, and hopefully some contribution to the cost of the whole
     trip. :-)
     The plan is to fit the trip in the period 25 June - 24 July 2006.
     Any takers?
     Andy Blunden
     Andy Blunden [1] (61) 3 9380
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