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Date: Thu Oct 13 2005 - 11:29:12 PDT

Good idea, Andy. Let me see what I can organize at UCSD. Some idea of total
cost for transportation would help. And, of course, timing will be a big

On 10/12/05, Andy Blunden <> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have offered to organise a speaking tour of Australia for Sasha
> Surmava. I will be organising it under the aegis of the Victorian
> Peace Network, as part of a series of such tours which aim to foster
> collaboration between a diversity of social justice constituencies.
> The hope is to cover the cost of air fares through University
> contributions, leaving time for Sasha to talk to social justice groups
> about life in the former soviet union, peace, social justice, poverty
> and so on. Sasha is preparing a CV and other material that I can start
> working with to gain interest from the Universities.
> I need help.
> Firstly, could any of you XMCA-ers who are in Australia, please
> conatct me so we can cooperate to find academic sponsors and also,
> sympathetic hosts who could welcome Sasha in the different cities in
> Australia.
> Secondly, the whole thing would be so much richer for Sasha and I
> think more viable financially, if his return trip included some talks
> in the US, and hopefully some contribution to the cost of the whole
> trip. :-)
> The plan is to fit the trip in the period 25 June - 24 July 2006.
> Any takers?
> Andy Blunden
> Andy Blunden [1] (61) 3 9380 9435
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