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From: Silvana Vacilotto (vacilott@unr.nevada.edu)
Date: Mon Oct 10 2005 - 19:32:20 PDT

Dear All,
I’m a Doctoral Candidate in Educational Psychology at the University of Nevada,
Reno, with a main interest in fostering pre-service teachers’ thinking skills.
I am presently preparing the literature review for my dissertation proposal and
would appreciate hearing about references relevant to my project. My
dissertation project will involve the design, application and evaluation of the
effect of scaffolded asynchronous online discussions of learning theories on
pre-service teachers’ intellectual development. In other words, my goal is to
investigate how online discussion boards, once adopted as mediational means,
affect qualitative transformation on pre-service teachers’ mental functions. To
achieve this goal, (1) the prompts of the discussion board will require
pre-service teachers to socially explore and construct meanings from the
theories of learning addressed in an introductory course of educational
psychology; (2) the role of the instructor will be to orchestrate the
discussions within the multiple Zones of Proximal Development that emerge,
scaffolding pre-service teachers’ deeper understanding of these theories of
learning; (3) pre-service teachers’ hypothesized achievement of higher order
thinking skills will be quantitatively tested; and finally (4) the bulk of
discussions will be qualitatively analyzed for emerging categories of mental
functions. I would appreciate hearing about current references that the members
of this discussion board deem relevant to my project.

Silvana Vacilotto
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Counseling & Educational Psychology Department
College of Education – Mail Stop 281
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557-0213
(775) 784-6637 Ext. 2074
FAX (775) 784-1990
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