Re: [xmca] ISCAR - Sevilla 2005 -- 1. Marx and dialectics/ discourse/identity and 2. ractice/activity

From: Steve Gabosch (
Date: Sun Oct 09 2005 - 16:12:42 PDT

Ooh, another great tool metaphor, Bill. And yes, you make the point
I was driving at - the tools and concepts we select to work with do
indicate our varying motives and intents. I prefer that all the
above be made as explicit as possible, such as acknowledging which
conceptual system of sociology that "activity" and "activity systems"
are being viewed in terms of.
Highest regards,
- Steve

10/9/2005, bb wrote:
>Anyway, I think the points Steve made are where I wanted to go, as
>Mike said, the map's not the territory, and steve and I could be
>observing the very same situations, coming up with different
>analyses because of the tools we employed and our differences in
>intent. One of us could have a street map and the other a topo.

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