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When Mike was a little boy his mom bought plums for the family. She bought
one plum for each family member. She put the plums on the table but asked
not to eat the plums spearing them for the dinner. Little Mike wanted plums
badly. He did not notice how he ate all the plums. He was very upset with
himself that he ate his mom's, his dad's and his older brother's plums. When
his mom came back and found that all plums were eaten, she asked who did it.
Dad said, "It wasn't me!" Little Mike's older brother said, "It wasn't me! I
was in school." Little Mike said, "It wasn't me! I'm too little to eat all
these plums!" Mom sighed and replied, "I'm very concerned that the person
who ate the plums might eat plum seeds. The seeds may start growing in his
tummy and surgery may be needed to get rid off the seeds..." Little Mike
became pale... but then he remembered that he spit the plum seeds out. He
exclaimed, "I spit the seeds out!" The family members were smiling at na´ve
and greedy Little Mike...

That is why

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Are we witnessing the birth of the fantastic new game "Where in the
World in Mike of SanDiego?" Or perhaps, "Where's ColeDo?". If it was
successful, we could make lots of money and not worry about grants to
support our work.......djc

Don Cunningham
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Actually, Bill,

Your photo does not deny that Mike was in Sevilla! Or that ISCAR was
held in Sevilla. It is in fact it's proof! Many people in Sevilla had
to learn how to be in two places and sometimes in three places at the
same time. That is true for Mike, too: while he was skiing with you in
some bleak, black and white, cold wilderness, Mike's Genie was actually
in the warm and colorful Sevilla -- in the Alcazar's courtyard.


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